In the beginning…..

In the beginning…..  I met a man,  we bought a flat together got married (fairytale wedding)  and had two  beautiful children. Our intention was that we would live happily ever after and  grow old together.

Real life intervened and despite surviving the death of close family members,  multiple redundancies, debt and health problems we sadly sadly separated and divorced nearly eight years ago.

So now I am a single mother working full time  healthcare with a house (no cleaner) and two very lively, funny  and beautiful teenagers who I shall call Teen Boy and Teen Girl who enrich my  life immensely.

I  will be  blogging  about and  my thoughts on life,laughter and work in the the melting pot of London and asking can you have it all ,happy kids, a clean house while staying  sane and solvent!

I am looking forward to you accompanying me on my journey…

Until the next time  Dawn