Single Mummy Life on Valentines Day 

Hello  hope Valentines Day is treating you well.
I was obviously overwhelmed with cards from secret admirers ( not). On a serious note valentine can be a bittersweet time for single parents especially if you are;

  • Single
  • Just finished a relationship
  • Contemplating or are in the middle of divorce 
  • or are just not with the right person for what ever reason.

I have been in all of those situations more often then not so if that’s your story today Happy Valentine’s Day I salute and celebrate you take care of yourself and remember what Oscar Wilde said “to love one self is the beginning of a life long romance” 😊❤️

Love to hear how you are spending you day


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I am a fortysomething divorced working single parent of two teenagers TeenBoy and Teengirl this is my single mummy life, laughter love and work in the melting pot of London. I look forward to you accompanying me on the journey.

3 thoughts on “Single Mummy Life on Valentines Day ”

  1. I love that Oscar Wilde quote. When I was single, I did something special for myself on Valentine’s Day and also on my birthday. I bought myself flowers, went for a hike with my faithful dog, or got a massage when I could afford it. Sending virtual hugs to you all the single moms.

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