Dawn Jarvis


Dawn Jarvis is a forty something divorced single parent of a teenage boy and teenage.girl.

An Online Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, Blogger and Social Networker, Dawn will be sharing content  that will inspire and motivate you  to be your best  self.

Dawn is Registered Nurse and Health Service Commisioner who  works full time in health care (NHS) and is based in London in the United Kingdom.

Her interests are her children, everything on the  Internet, self help books, personal development and reading the Guardian Newspaper.

She is a follower of Arsenal and Nottingham Forest football (soccer) clubs which can be a distraction and a triumph of hope over experience (much like dating).

She also  sometimes finds time for the cinema, reality TV & live comedy.

Dawn has been on a diet for her entire adult life and has tried nearly every diet going with varying success.

Dawn was inspired to start this website by all the parents out there who are doing it for and by themselves, spinning plates and keeping it all together, be they single mums/dads or  in a relationship  where they feel like  they are single parents.

Dawn is looking forward to you joining her  while  she writes about  her life, family, laughter, love and work in the melting pot of London!

Dawn is very responsive to comments and encourages you to get in touch via the contact form

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